Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Words and Images of Resistance

8 PM
November 7th, 2007
Hussey Room Michigan League


Filmmaker and artist, Jackie Salloum

with special guest, Detroit-based MC, Invincible

Showcasing Palestinian Media-making and Art

Watch exclusive clips from 'SlingShot HipHop,' Salloum's highly-anticipated upcoming feature-length documentary

Jackie Salloum is a multimedia artist and filmmaker who draws inspiration from the humble perseverance of her family’s struggle in their homeland, Palestine, and as immigrants in the US. Her work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally in art galleries, museums and film festivals.

Things weren’t always this way, though. Born and raised in suburban Michigan, Salloum
learned English in school, speaking only Arabic at home. Feeling forever the foreigner, and with the constant exposure to only negative images of Arabs in the news and Hollywood films, she grew up feeling ashamed of being an Arab. But her feelings soon reversed in her teens...with a twist of candy-coated vengeance.

Salloum began her current project, Slingshot Hip Hop, a feature-length documentary
chronicling the lives of Palestinian rappers in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel, in the summer of 2003. During this same period, she completed Planet of the Arabs, a video art critique of Hollywood’s representation of Arabs and Muslims that went on to garner her the "Best Editor" award at the Cinematexas film festival and a 2005 Sundance Film Festival official selection. The anxiously anticipated Slingshot Hip Hop, now in post-production, has already brought the voices of her young subjects to concert audiences in Amsterdam, Ireland, New York City, and San Francisco and to the tens of thousands of people who have watched the trailer on-line.


Invincible is considered a dangerous lyrical warrior whose verses are steeped in
defiance. It is rumored her lab in the microgalaxy known as Detroit, MI, has been the
headquarters for historic metamorphosis with conspirators including her crew Anomolies, Waajeed of bling47/PPP, Wordsworth, the Beatminerz, Lab Techs, Buff1, and Finale. Invincible's latest evolution, and long awaited solo debut: "Shapeshifters", promises to be even more rebelliously appealing to the masses than her previous work.

SPONSORED BY Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE)

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